Safe, Convenient and Speedy

We are the trendsetter in using simple yet powerful electronic file cabinets to store and manage clients’ document images and files online.  Our on-premise, always-on, high-speed scanners can automatically route scanned-in documents to the appropriate drawers in the digital cabinets.   This organized and systematic way of storing vital data in digital format enables us to quickly and effectively respond to requests or demand for information and documents, be it from clients or tax authorities.   With this Electronic File Management System in place, our clients now have the assurance of zero downtime as these digital cabinets are backed up on a daily basis for offsite storage.  In the event of emergencies, restoring backup of clients’ data is almost instantaneous.

Either way, you have at your service a US-trained, bi-lingual CPA who has more than 20 years' exposure to the USA business environment. So do come in for a casual conversation on wealth management, tax planning, US investment and immigration, etc. It costs you nothing except your valuable time.