The Accounting Department                                                

Professional and Detailed

     Our accounting department  is headed by three experienced CPAs, who closely supervise the work of their assistants.  Here, corporate tax returns are prepared and thorough reviewed before discussing and finalizing with our clients.  No details are overlooked.  Every dollar that a client is entitled to is claimed in the tax returns.  Clients are then given the option to file the corporate tax returns electronically.  Elso they are manually forwarded to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board.  For those clients that need them, payroll tax processing and reporting for all states are done in a timely manner.

 Online Payroll   

     Payroll has never been easier.  After-the-fact payroll processing is done on an onging basis for our clients, using the latest software that facilitates filling out and submission electronically the required forms on a timely basis to the varied federal and state tax authorities.  For those demanding both convenience and efficiency, online payroll will satisfy all your needs.  Through our portal, our clients will access the software program online to enter the hours or wages for the pay period.  We will then approve both the paychecks and the payroll taxes; the clients will then be able to print checks at their end.  With concerted effort, errors are eliminated and the job will only take minutes!            

Secured File Exchange 

     Beginning 2007,  our business entity clients (corporations, LLCs, partnerships and sole proprietors) will be able to securely access our website for official records of tax and other documents filed on their behalf.  These downloadable documents in PDF format include corporate tax returns, payroll records, sales tax returns and even financial statements.  This translates into savings in time and costs at both ends, not to mention peace of mind and convenience.                                                

Cloud Acccounting

     Internet has made our lives much, much easier.  With cloud accounting, collaboration between our clients and us not only saves time, trouble, but also provide an access to your financial data at your fingertips, 24 x 7, no matter what, no matter where.  Just takes a little bit of training, and you’re on your way to do a lot more tasks a lot more efficiently. And guess what, you’ll be able to make sound decisions and perfect your business transactions.  All you need to do is to take the advantage of advancement of the latest technology that is already there for you.