Don't Get Caught Uninsured

Why Get Health Coverage?

Because life is unpredictable
- even if you're healthy now and exercise regularly, you could be caught off guard by an unexpected illness or injury.

Becuase medical care is expensive
- the financial risk you take without health coverage might shock you when you consider the following average costs:
Average cost of a day in the hospital - $9,328
Knee surgery and care - $48,302 
Burst appendix - $48,151 

Because health coverage helps protect ou financially
- medical care can add up quickly to a staggering financial loss. Health coverage can help limit your out-of-pocket costs, protect your assets and even safeguard your ffuture earnings.

Because health coverage can cover more than just injury or illness
- it also offers preventive care such as Pap tests and mammograms for women, PSA tests for men and immunizations for childrens.

Because health coverage is affordable
- add up preventive care and other health-related service costs as well as the cost of a possible catastrophic illness or injury that you would have to pay for yourself without health coverage. Then compare it to the cost of a health coverage plan's low monthly premium, deductible and co-payment, and you'll see just how affordable health coverage really is. Health coverage can also reduce your tax liability if you are self-employed. Contact us for more information. 
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