The benefits of investing in mutual funds

Whether your goal is a comfortable retirement, education, travel, a new home or simply to accumulate money for a rainy day, mutual funds can help you achieve your investment objectives. A mutual fund is simply an investment that allows people with similar financial goals to pool their resources with thousands of other investors. Professional money managers invest that money in dozens of securities that meet the objectives of the fund. Mutual funds offer many distinct advantages, including:

  • Professional management

    Managing investments requires a commitment of time, resources and expertise that most individuals don’t have. When you invest in a mutual fund, you are hiring full-time professional managers to buy, sell and monitor your investments.

  • Diversification

    In a mutual fund, your money is invested in dozens or even hundreds of securities covering different industries that meet the fund’s objective. Owning a diverse mix of securities doesn’t eliminate risk but can reduce it, as the ups and downs of individual securities often offset each other.

    Mutual funds generally fall into four categories: stocks, bonds, money market instruments or those that invest in combinations of these three categories. Learn more about the different types of mutual funds we offer.

    Some funds can invest all over the world or in certain parts of the world, and some funds concentrate their holdings in specific industries or sectors of the economy. There are funds that invest only in large companies and others that invest only in small companies.

  • A wide range of convenient services

    You can manage your money more easily by using the special services offered by most mutual funds: automatic investing and withdrawal programs, electronic transfer of funds and reinvestment of fund dividends and capital gains to name a few.

  • Quick access to your money

    Fund shareholders can generally sell shares at any time and receive the current net asset value of their shares.

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